What is Dry Mouth (Xerostomia)?

Affecting as many as 10% of all people, dry mouth, also called xerostomia, is a condition that resul...

Jan 11 • 3 min read
General Aging and Dental Health

Maintaining your oral health as you ageThere are plenty of challenges that come along with aging, an...

Dec 12 • 3 min read
Fluoride Fights Cavities!

Keep your Teeth Healthy with Topical Fluoride Applications at your Regular Dental Visits A...

Oct 25 • 3 min read
General What Are Wisdom Teeth?

 ...and How Woodside Dental Can HelpOur mouths go through many changes over the course of our l...

Sep 14 • 4 min read
Are Oral Bacteria Bad for Me?

How Affinity Dental Can Help You Keep a Healthy Oral MicrobiomeEven if you cannot see, feel or taste...

Jul 20 • 3 min read
General Can Gum Disease Cause High Blood Pressure?

Recent scientific studies have shown there is a probable association between periodontitis (gum dise...

Jun 24 • 2 min read
Health Risks of Oral Bacteria

Dental Laser for HealthDental professionals have long emphasized the connection between oral health ...

Mar 3 • 2 min read

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