Before you visit the dentist it’s important to understand your dental insurance, so you know what is covered, and what services might cost if you have to pay out of pocket. Knowing what to expect can help ease any concerns and make you feel more comfortable. At Woodside Dental, it is always our goal to make our patients feel at ease - so we will always take the time to talk with you about your treatment plan, the costs, and your insurance. If you have any questions, just ask us! Here are our top 5 things to know about dental insurance to help you feel prepared.

5 Things to Know About Dental Insurance

  1. HMOs vs. PPOs - What exactly is the difference between an HMO and a PPO? This is one of the first questions folks face when looking at insurance options. It’s important to know that HMOs can be more affordable than PPOs. However, PPOs can provide more flexibility in your choice of dental provider. HMO dental plans generally will assign you to a dental professional. 

  2. Dental Insurance Pays Out More for Vital Treatments - It's important to know that for standard dental treatments such as checkups, or even fillings, your insurance provider is likely to cover all or nearly all of your treatment costs. You can expect to pay a higher portion of expenses, however, for elective dental treatments. 

  3. Dental Plans Have Waiting Periods - If you are looking to buy insurance because you have urgent dental care needs, be aware that many plans will require you to wait a specified period of time before coverage takes effect. The good news is waiting periods for preventive care are typically very short or non-existent. For restorative or cosmetic care, however, waiting periods can be months.

  4. PPO Dental Coverage Does Not Roll Over - If you have a standard annual allowance for 2 checkups and 2 teeth cleanings, you should know that these services must be used by the end of the calendar year because they will not roll over to the next year. If you don't use those allowances, you will be wasting free dental care, so be sure to maximize the use of your insurance coverage prior to your plan reset.

  5. Understanding Dental Insurance Can Be Tricky - It’s critical to compare your options, because different dental coverage providers charge different prices for coverage and offer vastly different plan terms within their insurance packages. To make sure you choose your best option for insurance coverage, be proactive in shopping around for the best coverage.

At Woodside Dental in Ventura, California, we are a preferred provider for most insurance companies and we accept a large variety of insurance plans. We also offer a wide range of payment options as well as affordable dental care financing. If you have questions about whether Woodside accepts your dental insurance, or would like to discuss payment options, please give us a call at (805) 647-1322. Our staff is always happy to assist you in finding the best option to suit you.

Woodside Dental is here to help you achieve a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile. It is our mission to provide clear and transparent communication and the highest level of quality dental care, so you can feel comfortable and truly cared for. If you have questions about your dental insurance, or any questions at all, just give us a call at (805) 647-1322. When you’re ready to come see how easy receiving quality dental care can be, click here to make an appointment with Woodside Dental!

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