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At Woodside Dental Care, we understand that going to the dentist isn’t easy for everyone. Some estimates suggest that almost half of population has some level of dental fear or anxiety that keeps them from seeing their dentist regularly. In fact, the Journal of the American Dental Association estimates that as many as 12 percent of adults suffer from dental anxiety so bad that they avoid the dentist altogether.

Research suggests that most dental phobias occur as a result of negative childhood experiences at the dentist, but you don’t have to suffer from dental anxiety as an adult. Our Ventura sedation dentists at Woodside Dental Care can help you have a relaxing, comfortable experience at the dentist. Leave your fears at home!

With a little time and a treatment plan developed with your Ventura dentist, you can transform your smile in amazing ways that weren’t possible even a decade ago. However, all of the amazing advances in dentistry can’t do anything for you if you don’t go to the dentist. Our Ventura sedation dentists are now offering several different sedation dentistry options to help you ease back into regular dental care, and make your visit to Woodside Dental Care even more comfortable.

Woodside Dental Care’s IV (Intra-venous) Sedation Dentistry

Only individuals who are certified IV sedation administrators can offer this type of sedation. Anyone who receives any type of sedation for a dental procedure should arrange for someone else to drive them home.  Our Ventura sedation dentists only offer IV sedation to adults. 

IV sedation is recommended for those who experience a high level of dental anxiety, or require multiple procedures or treatments in a single visit.  During IV sedation, the patient drifts into a comfortable sleep while their vital signs are being monitored.

Woodside Dental Care’s Oral Conscious Sedation

Our Ventura sedation dentists offer a milder form of sedation called oral conscious sedation. Typically, for this type of sedation, the patient takes one pill about 30 minutes before their dental procedure and the relaxation benefits continue for approximately 2-3 hours. The patient is alert and able to communicate with the dental staff the whole time. Oral sedation takes less recovery time than IV sedation; however driving arrangements must still be made before treatment.

Woodside Dental Care’s Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) Sedation

Nitrous oxide has been used by dentists for many years. Adult patients may choose to utilize this sedation dentistry method to help them relax during their dental appointment. The gas wears off quickly, but it is still recommended to pre-arrange a ride home from your appointment. 

If you have any questions for Woodside Dental Care’s Ventura sedation dentists, feel free to give us a call or make an appointment online and be sure to check out our sedation dentistry specials!


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